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Our Story

We are a brother and sister Jonathan and Maddy Polina Malizia.  We are experienced Professional Surfers who can help teach your children to surf!  We are knowledgeable surfers who have grown up surfing locally and have traveled the world with our surfing.  Jonathan is a Certified Level 2 ISA (International Surfing Association)  Judge and professional photographer.  He has judged surfing contests in both Europe and the USA. 
Maddy Polina is presently the Russian Federation Woman's National Champion for 2018 - 2019.  She is presently surfing for the Russian National Team in Europe and Japan.  She has great potential and plans to surf for the National Russian team at the 2024 Olympics.   We want to help your children to develop the habits and skills to become a surfer.

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We Teach Kids to Surf!!!

Trusted Coaching

We are mobile and can teach your children the basics of surfing at any beach from Daytona to Jupiter, FL. Our combined skills will be put to use working in a friendly and cooperative manner so your children's will enjoy their new sport!  We can show them the fun and enjoyment they will have in learning to surf.   We are ready to teach your children the basics of surfing and a lesson on the boards that they will remember!  Jonathan will be capturing the session for you with still photos and video, for you to take home.   Like riding a bike, once they learn they will never forget.
We supply all of the equipment, boards, fins, leash, etc... 
We will meet you at the beach and give the kids a positive beginning into the world of surfing.  Our combined knowledge and camera skills will teach them a new skill with memories to last and pictures to bring back home and share!

Get in touch to learn more.

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We Enjoy What We Teach!

Fun Sessions, Makes the Difference!

We will take all children who are interested in surfing including children on the Autism Spectrum.  We have a family member on the Spectrum, and can relate to your child's extra needs.  We are prepared for issues that may cause them distress, anxiety, and stress.  We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients, and look forward to helping you.
We use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give your children the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 lessons and group sessions, We will be taking photos and videos for you to bring home!


Jonathan Malizia 

Certified ISA Level 2 Surfing Judge and Professional Photographer


Polina Maddy Malizia

Russian National Woman's Champion

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Prices vary per hour.

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